I'm quoted in WebTechniques, rambling about the tools that I use.

I finally gave in and started a weblog.

The online followup to " Building a High-Volume Newsletter Server", in the June 2000 issue of Web Techniques Oh, and BTW - that part where I seem to suggest that ezmlm is a Java program? That was a typo. :(

I'm quoted in a News and Observer article, talking about spammers. The poor freaks.

I spill the beans on the old Barney Guestbook thing in Webmonkey.

Jon Udell and I exchange a few words about standards in Byte.

The Namespace Project gets a mention in Michael Swaine's WebReview column. Swaine says:

Though dated, Steve's graph is an inspiring hack in the fine tradition of data maps, as described by Edward R. Tufte in his wonderful book, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

RTFM! at Webmonkey.

Here I am, proving that I'm even more long-winded on the phone than I am in email, in this interview with Christina Dyrness of the News and Observer.

The Media Nugget of the Day is back, and I'm writing for them.

I'm just one of many who responded to Tim O'Reilly's piece on Open Sources, Open Standards.

How to Juggle Women: Without Getting Killed or Going Broke. A review, for smug.

More fun with Media Nugget of the Day:

some fun anti-spam toys.

The Rise of User Preference, for High Five. (More DHTML stuff)

Here's some fun stuff about DHTML, for A List Apart. In case anyone is interested in finding out more about the book I just finished writing, they can find out more here.

+he finger seems to be having a hard time finding anything funny to post, so Greg and I help out sometimes.

I have dreams sometimes. Kris Kendrick has them all the time.

trying to find a positive way to think about the AOL/Netscape buyout at developer.com.

0sil8 features something I wrote; It's focus? The idea of Microsoft as the purest expression of Americanism. It's pretty one-sided, a rhetorical exercise, but some folks seem to have liked it.

I've been seen ranting about cookies at the Iconocast, but they left out most of the juicy details.

Christopher Locke, of RageBoy, asked for proof, so I gave it to him.

More punditry, this time about Web standards.

Supportive commentary from someone at Web98. Looks like he liked my class.

Lots of fun with data visualization.

I've been teaching myself Dynamic HTML, catching up on a lot of old stuff like polishing up my Javascript, CSS, and user interface theory. In the meantime, to wind down before I go to bed, I'm reading Infinite Jest, which is making me very happy indeed.

Oh, and my company is doing Web hosting. Great fun and a chance to write lots of Perl scripts.

a jaundiced eye got quoted in PRINT and the SF Examiner's NetSkink. Maybe I better update some of the content...

Did a good deed at web98, helping the East Coast Team win Cool Site in a Day. For more, see WebReview's coverage, Greg Lindsay's Salon piece, and diary entry; and David Hudson's piece on Web98, which doesn't mention us at all, but which does have a cool German version of "my ass is a portal".

Here's a little something on developer.com about Mozilla.org.

I was smug's Mystery Date for April.

A little something I wrote for the { fray }.

Hey! I got my picture in the paper. You don't get to see it online, though.

I got caught up in all the excitement surrounding cryptofascism on the finger.

Here you find me ranting about Netscape, hoping they don't screw it up.

I've been doing some writing for developer.com lately, too. I did a two-part series on push channels for them a while back.

Babbling from Michael Sippey's pundit pulpit, stating the obvious, about Object-Oriented Journalism.

It's not all my fault, but I helped save wired ventures.

Alex was kind enough to include a story I wrote in after dinner.

Push? Oh, you mean the empty space at the center of all that hype?


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