We 3 the Internet. That’s why we work to make it better.

In 1995 we fell in love with the Internet & how it connects people. First we focused on making the Internet easier to use. Then, deep in the dotcom days, we were the target of a cyberattack. Rather than roll over, we rolled up our sleeves & came up with a solution — Enemieslist. With Enemieslist we now make the Internet harder for the bad guys.


Trusted by data scientists, security experts, and anti-spam professionals, Enemieslist (EL) protects over 3.6 billion users from online abuse. EL works by classifying hostnames (PTR records) in order to allow policy to be applied in various contexts.

Originally intended to aid in the risk evaluation of accepting mail from a given host, Enemieslist's unique approach and comprehensive coverage now finds applications beyond anti-spam.

Our classifications find use in reputation services, anti-fraud, anti-abuse, anti-spam, threat detection, information security, network security, calibration of data sets, data modeling, and priming machine learning systems.

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