XML: Extensible Markup Language


Not since Java has a new language turned so many heads in the Web community. Why is XML generating so much buzz? It offers greater flexibility and control when creating Web documents for one. If HTML doesnt have the tags you need, for example, make your own with XML. And thats just the beginning of what this powerful metamarkup language can do.

In XML: Extensible Markup Language, renowned author and programming guru Elliotte Rusty Harold combines clear, concise explanations with practical real-world examples to give you a complete understanding of XML. You get expert advice on creating XML documents, step-by-step instructions for adding customized structure to documents, tips for converting HTML to XML, strategies for assembling documents from multiple data sources, in-depth coverage of international scripts, character sets, fonts, and Unicode, thorough analysis of Xlinks and Xpointers, and much more.

The CD-ROM that accompanies XML: Extensible Markup Language features the source code for all the samples in the book as well as copies of Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape Communicator.