XHTML: Migrating Applications toward XML

Steven Champeon

XHTML promises to expand the power and versatility of the Web and pave the way for XML. With crystal-clear explanations and compelling case studies, this step-by-step guide shows you how to take advantage of this exciting new Web standard. From working with the rigorous XHTML structure and retrofitting your HTML code to extending XHTML with XML, this guide is just what you need to position yourself and your sites for the XML future.

From the Publisher

Your Road Map to a Smooth XHTML Transition:

  • Compare the maximum flexibility of HTML with the maximum structure of XHTML
  • Explore XHTML Document Type Definitions and style sheet issues
  • Clean up HTML to make it XHTML compatible -- and overhaul ASP, JSP, and CGI applications that generate HTML
  • Integrate the Document Object Model with XHTML generation
  • Use modules to create flexible documents and extend XHTML and XML
  • See how XML facilitates wireless Web browsing and how Mozquito Factory facilitates the transition to XHTML modularization
  • Preview the XML-enabled Web of the future -- intelligent agents, machine-to-machine communication, and more