RTPnet Taps hesketh.com CEO for Advisory Board


Raleigh, N.C. - Heather Hesketh, CEO of hesketh.com, has been named to the RTPnet Advisory Board. RTPnet is a volunteer-driven membership-based nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping North Carolina nonprofit organizations leverage Internet tools to promote and support their missions.

As RTPnet looks to reformulate its own Web site and strategic vision, Heather Hesketh was seen as a vital influencer and advisor in the Web committee's decision-making process. The committee is intent on adopting practices that make maintaining and changing its site and delivery of member services easier, as well as expanding services to better meet the needs of non-profits. Because hesketh.com has pioneered Web industry concepts such as Progressive Enhancement and Progressive Development, this board appointment was a natural fit. "Given that our company has evolved to focus primarily on non-profits and higher education, it makes it easy for me to advise on issues and opportunities that RTPnet, as well as the non-profits it serves, will have to confront," said Hesketh.