Integrated Web Design: Building the New Breed of Designer & Developer


At last, there's a book that shows web developers and web designers how to work together! Integrated Design: Holistic Strategies for Mastering the Web will help web builder's with weak design skills or web designer's with inadequate technical knowledge work together to meet todays demands in the world or web creation. Molly Holzschlag is renowned throughout the web design and development community. While conceptual in its approach, the book draws on pragmatic examples within and without the web design community to help you directly apply its precepts.

This book begins by discussing artistic and technical concepts in web design separately, and then merges them together both conceptually and through examples. The goal is to step the designer through the process of integrating technical and design practices in order to deeper their understanding of the how and why of technology both inside and outside the realm of web design. With this deeper understanding, web site builders will be able to apply more integrated design practices to their everyday work. Molly's web site is an extension of the book, offering samples to those who've heard of the book but haven't bought it, plus visual examples and exercises demonstrating the concepts in the book.

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