History Channel's Spotlight Falls on hesketh.com CEO


Raleigh, N.C. - Heather Hesketh, CEO of Web development firm hesketh.com, was recently tapped to tell her story for an upcoming History Channel production. The North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources worked with the History Channel to identify those who could tell stories that would reveal the full scope and richness of North Carolina's heritage. The final History Channel broadcast will showcase five different states, and the Department of Cultural Resources sees the feature story as a complement to its own 2007 theme, "History Happens Here."

Captured in conversation with Paul Jones, Hesketh was chosen to bring an awareness of North Carolina's technology sector to the forefront in the taping for the North Carolina feature segment that the History Channel plans to air in June 2007. Those directing the segment's production felt it important to include the late 20th century emergence of the technology sector in North Carolina, representing a departure from the traditional agrarian and textile industries that earlier shaped the state's economy. 

"I'm proud to be recognized, along with Paul, as a mover and shaker in the emergence of the tech sector in North Carolina," says Hesketh. "It's important for us to increase the visibility of our community. And, it's the reason our company continually contributes to the Council for Entrepreneurial Development's efforts to heighten awareness of North Carolina's tech sector."