Growing Online Community

Steven Champeon
Web2000, Washington DC

On August 8, 2000, CTO Steve Champeon led a panel entitled "Growing Online Community" at Web2000 in Washington, DC. Here's a list of the panelists, some notes on the panel, and some useful links.

left to right...

Brian and Jeffrey started the Web design digest A List Apart in January of 1998.
Emma is VP of Community Development for Nerve, an online magazine, now with a community component and a print version as well.
Steve founded webdesign-L in April of 1997, and serves as its "list mom".

At the end of the session, Jeffrey summed up the most important topics covered:

  1. define your goals (identify a need)
  2. choose technology appropriate to your audience and goals
  3. establish rules and enforce them consistently
  4. delegate authority (ex: make co-moderators of your most active participants)
  5. keep it real (maintain human presence; acknowledge mistakes; be HUMAN)
  6. listen and learn (example: ALA listees didn't like discussing articles, so we stopped)
  7. close the feedback loop

Some links to interesting community-related information: